Heartwarming first images of Wigan puppy back at home after he was stolen from a car

These are the heartwarming first images of a Wigan puppy reunited with his family after he was stolen from the back of a car.

Elise Havey, Jake Johnston and their two-year-old daughter Freya were left distraught after four-month old Springer Spaniel, George, was snatched following a walk on Sunday morning.

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The puppy and other dogs had been in a field off Warrington Road in Abram around 11am, with owner Jake and his brother.

They had loaded George into the back of the vehicle after the walk, before heading back into the field to round up the other pets.But when they returned to the vehicle less than five minutes later, they discovered he had been taken.

His disappearance left the family devastated, but following a large social media appeal, Elise received a mysterious phone call late yesterday (Monday) evening, which would put an end to their anguish.

The 23-year-old mum from Platt Bridge said: “We had a phone call from a withheld number, saying they had seen him.

“We found him near Leigh fire station, he was tied up there."

She added: “Maybe putting the appeal out there had made him too hot to handle. We’re just lucky they didn’t do anything to harm him.

“He was very hungry, but he was just happy to be home,” she added.

“As soon as he jumped out, my little girl was straight over to him. They were all over each other. He was a bit timid when he first came home, but after a few treats and a bath, he was okay.”

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