Hunt for collapsed Wigan play fan

A scene from Strife in a Northern Town
A scene from Strife in a Northern Town

An unfortunate Wigan theatre-goer who collapsed at a performance of a comedy based on the borough has been made a generous offer.

The team behind Strife In A Northern Town wants to give the arts fan who couldn’t stay to the end during last year’s Women In Comedy festival free tickets.

A group from the borough was attending the second night of the run in October when they all had to hurriedly leave after the show was halted for one of the party to receive medical attention.

The theatre company is making the offer for when the show, which has many Wigan references, returns to Manchester on June 28.

Writer and performer Jennifer Banks said: “She had fainted due to overheating and luckily it wasn’t anything more serious, but her entire party of family and friends left as a precautionary measure to take her home and make sure she was OK.

“The show is back and we’d love to offer them all to come back and see the entire show for free. But we don’t know where to find them! I hope we do though – they’d come all the way from Wigan especially because they’d heard the play was inspired by Wiganers.

“And I briefly spoke to one of them who told me she’d really been enjoying the show and recognised the Wigan-inspired characters on stage.

“The characters came about when I started writing the show. A friend from Wigan told me loads of hilarious stories about her colleagues and two of them made it into the show.”

Strife tells the hilarious stories of the inhabitants of a random working-class community. Characters brought to life include Donna and Tracey who work at the local supermarket, receptionists Pepsi and Lulu who work at the town hall and lick Weetabix for lunch so they can slim down into their wedding dresses and star-crossed lovers Kay and Val who have very different attitudes to dogs. Impressively all these various personalities are portrayed by just two actors, Jennifer whose credits include appearances in Coronation Street and Tracy Gabbitas.

If you are the Wiganer in this story and would like to claim the free tickets, email or contact Jennifer at