In memory of Tyler: great acts of kindness from Wigan pupils

Tyler Yates
Tyler Yates

Three generous borough pupils brought hamperloads of help for the hospital and hospice which cared for their terminally ill friend.

Nicole Hayes, Lucy Hulme and Sophie Summerscales are in year 10 at Bedford High School in Leigh and were close friends of Tyler Yates, who died from a brain tumour in November 2017.

From the left, Lucy, Sophie and Nicole

From the left, Lucy, Sophie and Nicole

The charitable trio raised over £1,400 in cash donations, part of which which went towards buying a range of gifts to make up 37 hamper, which they called “helping hands bundles”.

Together they came up with the idea of colleting gift boxes for each child on ward 84 of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where former Bedford High classmate Tyler was a patient.

There were also spare boxes which were handed out to the sub wards which specialise in bone marrow and stem cell treatments.

Derian House Children’s Hospice, where Tyler also received treatment, benefitted from the donated gift hampers.

Some of the gifts packed into the boxes for the children's hospices

Some of the gifts packed into the boxes for the children's hospices

Toys, board games and warm clothing such as hats, jumpers and gloves were gathered to go into the boxes, which they saved from online orders to their homes.

Colouring book kits and even two tablet devices were among the generous items included in the hampers.

A total of £600 was spent on the gifts, with the rest of the money being distributed evenly to charities SuperJosh and Max In A Million, two cancer charities Tyler advocated in the past.

In 2017 the three girls launched a similar effort to donate gift hampers to the two wards where Tyler received his cancer treatment, but were unable to raise any donations to support it.

Nicole, 13, said: “We have tried to raise as much money as possible, because we know how much that ward meant to Tyler, and what it means now for the people on there.

“Treatment in hospital isn’t the best place to be, so to think that we could be bringing a smile to the faces of the ward is what it is all about.”

Leigh Bedford High supported the fundraiser by promoting a JustGiving page which the girls set up in line with the whole appeal, under the name Helping Hands Bundles.

Rachael Haines, Nicole’s mum said: “All the parents are very proud of the them, especially at this time where it has been just over a year since Tyler passed away."

Nicole, Lucy, 14, and 13-year-old Sophie delivered the gift boxes in person to Manchester Children’s Hospital.

To donate to the JustGiving page, visit