IN PICTURES: Ambitious Wigan primary school pupils reach for the stars

Wigan school pupils enjoyed a fun week themed on aiming high in life.

The message to the children of Scholes St Catharine’s CE Primary was Reach for the Stars. Throughout the week they took part in exciting and informative activities focusing on their hopes and dreams for the future.

To launch the week, the school held a Market Place of different jobs and professions where each class went to visit and ask questions. Other activities included: archery, a climbing wall, military bootcamp, escape rooms, aspiration street and visits from our local services including police, bin wagon. Years 4 and 5 visited Dean Trust Rose Bridge for the morning to take part in various workshops linked to ambitions and careers. To finish the week, the celebrated the wealth of jobs to which they aspire by dressing up.

Headteacher Sue Pittendreigh said: “It’s a motivational learning week for our children using resources in the local community and enhancinmg what we can do with their career prospects.”

A teacher at the school said: "It's been lovely to see the sheer delight on our children's faces!"

One of the pupils said: "It's been great to be able to dress up as something that we want to be when we are older.

"The climbing wall has really helped me to conquer my fear of heights and realise that success involves perseverance, determination and courage."

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