Jamie Lewin: Prominent water safety campaigner Rebecca Ramsay visits scene of latest quarry drowning begging teenagers to stop swimming in open water

A mother who lost her son to drowning has said her heart goes out to the family of tragic teen Jamie Lewin.

Water safety campaigner Rebecca Ramsay, from Chorley, travelled to Appley Bridge quarry the day after 16-year-old Jamie died while swimming with friends at the site and approached a group of teens she spotted leaping into the water.

But despite her attempt to dissuade them by telling them about her family’s own tragedy, her words fells on deaf ears.

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Rebecca, who was awarded an British Empire Medal her services to charity, says she fears there will be similar deaths unless action is taken to prevent youngsters getting into disused quarry sites.

Jamie Lewin who died at Dawber Delph quarry

"There are still young lads trying to enter the quarry and I told them to please rethink their decision, but they ignored my pleas and continued to do so,” she said.

"Usually when I approach young people to warn them of the dangers they are quite receptive, but these three groups of lads wouldn’t listen.”

What happened to Jamie Lewin?

16-year-old Jamie Lewin, from Southport died on Saturday at Dawber Delph, in Appley Bridge, after getting into difficulty when he went into the water.

Rebecca Ramsay with a picture of her late son Dylan

His body was later recovered by the emergency services.

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His mother Steph Lewin said he was a “promising boxer who loved life and had so much to look forward to and was loved by everyone.”

What action does Rebecca Ramsay want to prevent further deaths?

Rebecca added: "What happened on Saturday was yet another preventable tragedy.

An old picture of teenagers jumping into the quarry at Appley Bridge
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"It makes me so upset hearing of these awful tragedies and knowing that another family has started this nightmare journey is utterly heartbreaking.

"If there is any support I can offer then please contact me through doing it for Dylan.

"The quarry is a hot spot for unwanted swimmers. The owner of the quarry tries every year to minimize the risk by having campaigns, or raising awareness. They have been trying to drain the quarry for many years and sadly a small number of people object to this. As it will ruin their beautiful views."

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What happened to Rebecca Ramsay’s son Dylan?

Rebecca, who founded the charity Doing it for Dylan Charity, lost her son Dylan, 13, in 2011 when he drowned in a quarry.

Ever since his death she has relentlessly campaigned and given talks in schools to educate on the dangers of swimming in places such as quarries and other open water locations.

She has been awarded many accolades including attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

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She added: "The heatwave that's due to come scares the life out of me because I just know we will see even more tragedy. The quarry needs draining. It’s very frustrating.

"Parents please teach your children about cold water shock and the dangers that lurk beneath the surface that just can't be seen."

She added that she had recently joined forces with Paralympian swimmer Stephanie Millward on a water safety and learn to swim day.

The first event was held in Bath on Sunday, July 3, and supported by Sharron Davis.

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The next event will be held in Leyland with the support of Leyland's Network and Outreach Services and Stephanie on Friday, August 19.