Lucky Wigan neighbours share £360k lottery prize

Trevor and Barbara Taylor
Trevor and Barbara Taylor

A group of lucky Wigan residents are celebrating after winning £360,000 between them in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Ten neighbours in Billinge won the jackpot after their postcode WN5 7TP was announced as the winner on Friday, December 21.

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Eight of the residents bagged £30,000, while two lucky winners doubled their cheques to £60,000 thanks to playing with two tickets.

Alan Fleming, 54, whose wife Viv is living with a terminal cancer diagnosis, said that their prize winnings will allow them to create more memories and have fun with their family.

He said: “We have so much to celebrate, our son Chris is getting married next weekend and this news is an unexpected extra.

“It will just allow us to make Christmas even more special this year for us and all the family.

“Everybody always says it will never happen to you but it really does and we’re thankful that it will let us do the things we want to do together.”

Barbara Taylor, 70, has been playing for almost five years and last year convinced her husband Trevor, 61, to sign up too - meaning the couple won £30,000 each.

Barbara, a local barmaid, said: “This is absolutely fabulous - we were only expecting £1,000.

“I can’t stop crying,” she said. “I guess the drinks will be on me next time I’m working behind the bar.”

Trevor is keen to use the prize money to do up their home: “I think we’ll use the money to do some home improvements.

“We’ve lived here for two years and haven’t touched the place but have always wanted to. I’ve been working hard for 25 years now so this money will go a long way.”

Barbara added: “One of the main reasons I play is because I can never decide what charity to support and this way I can support them all.”

People’s Postcode Lottery have now raised £371 million for over 5,500 good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

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