Luke Marsden: Delaying end of Covid restrictions would not be end of the world

"You’ll be dead in ten years”, “When did we become the lab rats?” – just a selection of some of the more publishable messages I’ve received on social media since having my first Covid-19 jab.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 3:54 pm

I informed the anti-vaxxers that I could walk across the road and be run over at any moment, every aspect of life has risks involved.

Many of those opposed to having the vaccine seem to be ex-reality TV stars with large followings on their social platforms; one of them this week posted a video advising his followers to think about what they are putting in their bodies. I did wonder if he had thought the same thing when he had a previous stint in rehab for drug addiction.

A growing concern is that ‘Freedom Day’ on June 21 is looking to be pushed back a few weeks, but let’s put this into context, this time last year hugging was illegal.

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Luke Marsden

If we can’t head to King Street for a boogie (do people still boogie?) for another few weeks and have a 4am drunken kebab (I suppose we could still do that regardless), is it really the end of the world?

I do not at all want to see any more restrictions on our local businesses, who are just about keeping their heads above the water, but if we have to delay the final throes of ‘freedom’ for a few weeks then so be it, but we must continue to vaccinate at the current pace.

This week, more than a million 25-year-olds signed up in a single day to get the jab; now if I’m to believe the messages I’m receiving, that’s a heck of a lot of people who won’t be celebrating their 40ths. I should’ve replied back asking where the moon landing was filmed…

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