Manager at day care centre hails staff heroes for their work during coronavirus outbreak

Lisa Lehan, who runs Bridgewater Day Care Centre in Golborne, thanked her team on social media and showed her appreciation of their efforts in difficult circumstances.

By Andrew Nowell
Thursday, 9th April 2020, 9:28 am
Updated Thursday, 9th April 2020, 9:30 am
Staff at Bridgewater Day Care Centre in Golborne
Staff at Bridgewater Day Care Centre in Golborne

The facility provides services for older people with dementia and its work is particularly essential for those who do not have family members to support them.

The centre allows residents to maintain their routine and prevent isolation and depression.

It is for that reason that, despite dwindling numbers, the day care centre has continued running the regular sessions.

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And Ms Lehan took to Facebook to let the staff know how much their ongoing work is valued.

She wrote: “I have the best team and they have been amazingly dedicated, helping so many of our clients to keep their routine which has been vital for so many.

“My team have their own families to think of at home but they always put their clients’ needs first and never complain.

“They give me so much support and I am grateful every day for their good health and commitment to their jobs and the service that we provide in the community.”

In her social media post Lisa also thanked other key workers, including Royal Mail employees, teachers supporting the staff’s children, shop workers, drivers, the NHS, emergency services and pharmacists supplying medicines.

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