Martin and Bex: Wigan prankster gets surprising tattoo in challenge

An internet sensation couple have had tattoos in their latest prank war … including one which is definitely “Wigan” themed!

By Matt Pennington
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 12:30 pm
Updated Friday, 5th August 2022, 10:27 am

The tattooed image of a pie can now be seen on Martin Clarke’s chest, thanks to the latest wacky fun in the couple’s social media challenges.

Father-of-three Martin, 37, launched a Facebook page named Martin and Bex with his partner Rebecca Kane during lockdown.

It was a way to pass time and entertain anyone who may have been lonely at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pranksters Martin and Bex have grown a significant following on social media

The page has amassed 2.3mfollowers since its inception, as the pair, from Hawkley Hall, continue to share their fun outlook and challenges.

And the latest one has seen them take inspiration from the reality TV show Just Tattoo of Us.

It followed couples, friends and families who would design a tattoo for each other.

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Martin had the tattoo done as part of a challenge with Bex

The person receiving the tattoo has no idea what the ink will leave behind.

Bex thought it would be good to get Martin – who was born and raised in the borough – “the most Wigan tattoo you could possibly get”.

The unveiling revealed a pie tattoo in the centre of Martin’s chest, paying homage to his roots.

Martin said: ”I think this will get people talking and possibly sharing their own silly or Wigan-themed tattoos.”

“I’ve also been approached by a well-known local pie shop suggesting I get their logo tattooed on me next in return for a black card, that’s every Wiganer’s dream!”

Martin claims to have taken a more thoughtful approach for Bex’s tattoo and designed a Disney-themed Lilo and Stitch piece.

It is not the first time a pie has been featured in the couple’s exploits.

On Father’s Day, Baldy’s Pies baked the pair a meat and potato pie, weighing in at 5kg and taking two days to be eaten.

They are due to team up with the Wigan-based pie shop again to design and enter their creation in the British Pie Awards (BPA) with Baldy’s having tasted success at the awards in the last two years.

Martin said: “By releasing videos every week we have managed to build a loyal following on our social media and we’ve done really well from it”