Meet five generations of a Wigan family - including TikTok sensation baby

Five generations of a Wigan family gathered together to celebrate its latest addition who is already a TikTok sensation who has attracted 70 million hits.

When Amber Townsend gave birth to son Ruben on January 4, she welcomed the first-born boy into the family.

Margaret Hanebach looked overjoyed to meet her great-great-grandson surrounded by the other generations during a visit to her Coppull care home.

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At 94 years old, Margaret heads up the family, followed by 74-year-old daughter Pat Mills, who lives in Appley Bridge.

From left to right: Debbie Townsend, Margaret Hanebach holding baby Ruben, Pat Mills and Amber TownsendFrom left to right: Debbie Townsend, Margaret Hanebach holding baby Ruben, Pat Mills and Amber Townsend
From left to right: Debbie Townsend, Margaret Hanebach holding baby Ruben, Pat Mills and Amber Townsend

Next in line is Pat’s daughter Debbie Townsend, 50, who lives in Appley Bridge as does her 24-year-old daughter Amber.

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Debbie said they had to wait nine weeks to introduce Ruben to his great-great-grandmother.

She was so besotted with the youngster, she didn’t want to let him go!

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Debbie said: “My grandma has dementia but when she held Ruben all her maternal instincts came back.

"She kept holding him and nursing him and kept wrapping him in his little blanket, she didn’t want to give him back.

"It was lovely, she was really lucid and chatting with us.

"I kept saying, ‘come on Grandma, pass him to me – I’m the grandma now’ and she was going ‘no, no he’s fine with me, I’ll have him a bit longer.’

"Ruben was born five weeks early, it was a bit of a shocker really.

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"It was just after new year and he wasn’t due until February 7.”

It was Ruben’s dad Jamie who began making TikToks to keep them entertained while they were in hospital.

Ruben was born via emergency C-Section, after which Amber shared her experience which helped their following grow.

Their page themcminnfam has more than 250k followers, with their videos racking up 70million views so far.

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The most popular video of Ruben has more than 17 million alone.

Debbie said: “He started doing it when Amber went in for a check-up and was kept in.

"He did these little funny videos to keep them amused and put them on TikTok.

"When Ruben was born, Amber did a video about what to expect when you have a C-Section and it got a few million views.

"From that, they started to gain more followers.

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"His dad puts up videos most days and they’ve been signed to an agency and doing advertisements for companies.

"Its really building up.

"They started doing it as like a sort of memory trail.

"Ironically, the video that has had the most hits they did as a little bit of fun.

"It was when it was snowy and he was in a little snow suit. filming him doing parkour up the wall and it took off.

"One of my friends who horse rides with me said ‘I’m sure I’ve just seen your grandson on my TikTok, I recognise him from the pictures and he suddenly popped up.

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“A few of his videos have just gone viral and of course they get more and more followers each time that happens.

"She’s making money for when he has to start nursery which is really nice.”

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