Music is the food of love for Wigan duo releasing first single

The Filthy Romantics
The Filthy Romantics

A Wigan duo brought together by their love of music are taking a personal look at the ups and downs of the heart on their debut single.

The Filthy Romantics, made up of singer and pianist Cecilia Holmes and guitarist Andrew Cantwell, recorded Look In The Mirror at The Music Projects in Pemberton.

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The two musicians met at the college after Andrew’s son Dylan, who was studying there, encouraged his dad to come along and meet Cecilia.

They quickly struck up a relationship and are now performing as a duo, with a couple of festival appearances already to their name.

Songwriter Cecilia says Look In The Mirror, which was recorded by John Kettle with the Merry Hell musician playing bass, takes an unflinching look at the matter of love.

She said: “It’s quite a reflective song about what happens when you break up with people and how it affects you both.

“Mostly it’s quite sad but at the end there’s a verse that picks up with a message about having to live for another day because there’s always the next part of life. It’s a little bit autobiographical too.”

Musically Cecilia says her voice and playing is a cross between blues and musical theatre, while Andrew brings influences from folk and singer-songwriters.

The Filthy Romantics have now played a couple of live gigs and are writing and re-arranging a number of other songs, while Look In The Mirror is also being played on radio.

Both Andrew and Cecilia ended up at The Music Projects at difficult points in their lives, after Andrew had lost his wife and Cecilia’s father had died.

They say the turnaround in their fortunes has been remarkable.

Andrew said: “Things have progressed massively in the last eight months, musically, mentally and physically. We’re now a couple and we’ve started a band together. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Search for the musicians on Soundcloud or Reverbnation to hear their music.