Musicians raising their voices about animal cruelty

Molly Selby and Lisa Dodgson, who have set up Be Their Voice
Molly Selby and Lisa Dodgson, who have set up Be Their Voice

A Wigan dance music duo is hoping to make a big noise about animal cruelty worldwide after launching a new welfare organisation.

DJs Lisa Dodgson and Molly Selby, who spin the decks under the stage name Molise, have set up Be Their Voice to raise awareness of poor treatment of dogs and other animals around the globe.

The two techno-musicians were moved to set up the group after visiting Morocco to play gigs and witnessing first-hand the tough lives and suffering of many animals there.

Lisa, from Winstanley, also jetted off to Thailand to help animal welfare charities try to save dogs from being snatched off the street and smuggled into the dog meat trade in the region.

Be Their Voice now wants to continue supporting efforts to stop cruelty in South East Asia and has also launched an urgent appeal for help in Jordan where strays are brutally killed in their hundreds.

Animal lovers expressed disgust after a toddler died from a rabid dog’s bite and a religious leader said killing threatening creatures in defence was permissible, only for people to take that as a fatwa or religious instruction and begin a sickening massacre of strays.

Lisa, 31, said: “When we went to Morocco to do gigs we saw dogs on the streets and no welfare for them. It hit us both hard. Once you’ve seen it you can’t get it out of your head.

"I then went to Thailand to volunteer for a shelter. The dog meat trade is illegal but you can still bribe people so dogs are being stolen off the streets. You also see dogs being kept in horrendous conditions, in cages in the centre of Bangkok.

"We’ve also set up a petition to try to stop dogs literally facing horrenous slaughter in Jordan.

“The idea is to raise awareness of what’s going on in the world, find out what help is needed and then get in contact with local charities. A lot of the guys doing these rescue missions for dogs are self-funded and they need help with vaccinations, shelters, food and other things, so we’re raising money for that. We’re also working with charities which promote neutering.”

Lisa and Newtown campaigner Molly, 23, have recruited four other people into Be Their Voice so far.

Lisa is hoping the organisation can grow enough to become an official charity soon and she is planning to return to Thailand next spring.

Longer-term ambitions include getting a large property with outdoor space which could be used as an adoption centre so rescued animals could be brought to the UK to find new homes. The pair also hope to combine their twin passions for music and stopping animal cruelty in the future.

Lisa said: “We’re going to try to do something Molise and work the two things together. If we get to go back to places like Morocco we intend to do educational events and discussions as well as the gigs. We want to work with people and bring this into the public eye wherever we go.”

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