New Wigan homeowner's dismay over the state of her property

The Gleeson Homes development off Frog Lane
The Gleeson Homes development off Frog Lane

A first-time buyer who dreamed of owning a house says it has become the “biggest regret” of her life.

Children’s nanny Natalie Cosgrove worked seven days a week to save up enough money to buy her first home.

She paid a deposit in March for a £130,000 property on Colliery Meadow, a new development by Gleeson Homes off Frog Lane in Wigan.

The house was half-built and Miss Cosgrove enjoyed watching the construction work progress.

But since then she says it has been “one nightmare after another”.

The 28-year-old said: “I was really looking forward to it but so much has gone wrong and I am waiting for what’s next. It’s like a ticking time bomb.”

Miss Cosgrove was told the house would be ready in July, but she did not receive the keys until mid-November.

However, she has still not been able to move in because there are no flags from the back door to her driveway.

She said: “I can’t move in the house until they put the flags down and I can have my washing machine and fridge-freezer delivered.”

Initially, there was not even a gap in the fence for access between the garden and drive.

Miss Cosgrove says there was no central heating for two weeks because it had been piped the wrong way under the bath.

Other complaints include scratches in the kitchen sink and on a door handle, and a kitchen cupboard having a slanted base.

She also has concerns about site safety and has made two reports to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

She claims a drain company left the covers off two manholes after doing work in her garden and her four-year-old nephew almost fell in.

Miss Cosgrove, who is currently living in Swinley, also says she is concerned about the way construction vehicles are driven around the site and that one almost hit her car.

She claims to have seen unsafe working practices, with workers failing to secure an oil container on a vehicle.

Miss Cosgrove’s dreams of life in her new home have not yet become a reality.

She said: “I’m very disappointed and very let down. Buying this house, with all these issues, has been the biggest regret of my life.”

A spokesman for Gleeson Homes said: “It is normal for new homes to have a few snags and the customer had a few that were promptly rectified.

“Our construction vehicles are not able to travel at speed and are driven by operatives with appropriate qualifications. We have not had any other complaints about our vehicles from either customers or the HSE.”

A HSE spokesman said: “HSE is aware of issues raised about this site, and will be working with the principal contractor on matters appropriate to HSE, to ensure improvements are made going forward.”