Newborn baby helps Wigan dad to pop the question

Shauna Horrobin and Jordan Gaskell at the hospital
Shauna Horrobin and Jordan Gaskell at the hospital

A couple had special cause for celebration after reaching two major life milestones within minutes.

Shauna Horrobin, from Norley Hall, gave birth to daughter Lottie Melissa at Wigan Infirmary on Friday last week.

The vest worn by baby Lottie

The vest worn by baby Lottie

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And one of the first things the tot did was play a key role in her mother becoming a fiancee!

After being delivered by Caesarean section, midwives dressed Lottie in a baby vest featuring the words: “Mummy, will you marry my daddy?”

Jordan got down on one knee and presented a white gold diamond engagement ring, while midwives unveiled Lottie’s vest.

Shauna - who was still on the operating table - was overwhelmed and started crying as she accepted the proposal.

The couple had been friends for more than 12 years and got together a year ago.

They both have children of their own - Jayden, seven, Frankie, five, and two-year-old Freya - and Lottie is their first child together.

Shauna suffered life-threatening injuries giving birth to her two older children and having Lottie was a risk.

Jordan though it was the perfect opportunity to propose and the right time for them both.

It was also a surprise for midwives on the maternity ward, who had never experienced a proposal like that before.

Registered midwife Mary Thomas said: “The whole midwifery team was really excited.

“It was a lovely experience, only to be topped off by the birth of a beautiful baby girl.”