One of the country's messiest bedrooms ... is in Wigan!

Samantha's 'bed' room
Samantha's 'bed' room

A Wigan woman has been judged to have one of the messiest bedrooms in the country.

Samantha Oakley rather sheepishly submitted this photo of a chaotic room in her house with the caption “under all that stuff is a bed…”

She had entered a cheeky competition run by bed and mattress company BedSOS to find the nation’s untidiest bedroom and came a creditable 10th with her offering which sees the room heaped high with bags of clothes, laundry, toys and other items.

The winner of the competition was Anna Quigley from Kendal who submitted a picture of her room “the day after the night before” with a whole lot of mess at the side of her bed including a half-eaten pizza.