Sayings only Wiganers would understand (and their translations)

We asked our readers: what words and phrases do only people in Wigan say that most others would struggle to understand?

By Holly Pritchard
Tuesday, 5th July 2022, 3:45 pm

Here’s a list of slang words and sayings in the Wigan dialect, or Wiganese as it’s known, as suggested by our Wigan Today readers, followed with translations into the Queen’s English.

It’s surprising how many are food-related.

If you know any more then feel free to let us know.

Jackbit Babbys yed

Carl Finch said: “Babby’s yed wi pey wet.” Translation: A steak and kidney pudding with mushy peas.

Lorraine Williamson said: “A smack barm.” Translation: A meat pie sandwich.

Dawn Greenhall said: “Puth big leet on.” Translation: Switch the light on.

Konnah Crook said: “Thaz can’t get wom.” Translation: I can’t get warm.

A mural along the tunnel at Wigan North Western station includes an A-Z of Wiganese

Brodie Lee Winstanley said: “Babby’s yed a’floatin’.” Translation: A steak and kidney pudding with gravy.

Adam Green said: “Gewin wom fort sum Jackbit coz as clem't dee'uth.” Translation: Going for some food because I am starving.

Vivienne Giddy Vivvy Webbers said: “Th’owd Queen.” Translation: Your mum.

Martyn Clarke said: “Clem't dee'uth.” Translation: Starving.

A lot of sayings seem to have food links

Paul Traynor said: “Shin yon pow.” Translation: Climb the pole.

Patricia Elliott said: “Clap owd o’ that.” Translation: Get hold of that.

Pauline Speakman said: “Meyt and prayter pie.” Translation: Meat and potato pie.

Michele Lillis Owen said: “Put wood in th’ole.” Translation: Close the door.

Lost for words

Amanda Hayes said: “Skinheads on a raft.” Translation: Beans on toast.

Dave Maher said: “Hast ny Bisto?” Translation: Do you have any Bisto gravy?

Dave Grime said: “Hast binmonbin?” Translation: Have the refuse collectors been?

Andrew Sixsmith said: “I’m proper powfagged.” Translation: I’m really exhausted.

Dialects change massively within a very short geographical distance in the North West