'She'll be greatly missed': Wigan shoppers and business owners pay tribute to the Queen

Shoppers and business owners in Wigan town centre have been sharing their thoughts on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Buckingham Palace announced she died “peacefully” at Balmoral on Thursday afternoon.

Wigan Today spoke to shoppers and business owners in the town centre to hear their thoughts on her death, as well as their views on King Charles III.

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Wiganers react to the tragic news of Queen Elizabeth II's death
Owner of Santos cafe, Anoushiravan Sherafatian.

American motivational speaker, artist and tattooist, The Scary Guy (legal name), who lives in Wigan said: “As an American and a British citizen, I see it as a huge loss.

"She will live on in the memories of everyone not just in the UK but around the world.

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"It is a real tragedy but it is also really cool that she left such a legacy.

"She was a really powerful, kind and loving individual. She’ll be missed greatly.

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Wigan resident The Scary Guy.

"I had the fortune of seeing Charles walk the streets in the Brecon Beacons.

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"I think he is going to do quite well. He’s had 72 years of learning how to be a leader in the monarchy.

"I think he’s going to do fantastic as the new king.”

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Anoushiravan Sherafatian, owner of Santos Cafe, said: “It is a devastating loss for the country.

"I’m originally from Iran so I have a connection with the Royal Family as we once had a king.

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"The Queen made it possible for me to come to this country and have freedom.

"I’m really glad to see Charles become king and looking forward to the future.”

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One shopper said: “She was a legendary monarch and did a lot for our country.”

Another said: “The Queen was highly regarded.”

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Flags are now flying at half-mast across the borough, while books of condolence at Wigan Parish Church and the town hall have been officially started for people wishing to honour the Queen.

People are also invited to lay flowers and reflect on the longest-serving monarch at the parish church gardens and Believe Square.