Tamara Ecclestone 'almost done' breastfeeding daughter as she starts school

Tamara Ecclestone has said her four-year-old daughter is "almost done" with being breastfed as she prepares to start school.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 1:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:15 am
Tamara Ecclestone and her daughter

The daughter of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone also said she has become emotional while preparing her daughter Sophia ready for her next big life step.

Speaking about breastfeeding Sophia, Ecclestone, 34, told Hello! magazine: "I definitely think it's something that [Sophia's] almost done with and it's phasing out.

"And I'm fine about that. It's happened so gradually and I've been expecting it."

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Tamara Ecclestone and her daughter

The billionaire heiress and socialite is an outspoken advocate of breastfeeding, and over the years has shared pictures on social media of herself breastfeeding her child while fending off criticism from detractors.

Of her daughter getting ready to go to school, she said: "It's crazy how quickly it's gone from her being born to now going to school. Nursery went by in a flash.

"The day she was getting measured for her school uniform I was getting really teary and the lady could tell, and she said: 'Oh don't worry, all the mums get a bit emotional'.

"I will definitely cry on the first day of school - not because I don't want her to go, but because I'm just so proud of her."

Hello! magazine front cover

Ecclestone said she fears that waking her up for school may be tricky, and will be like "trying to wake up a teenager".

She added: "So the mornings will be quite chaotic! We'll probably end up rushing to school in the car, though it's not far so we could walk."

Ecclestone and her husband Jay Rutland married in 2013 and welcomed Sophia the following year.