Tragic Wigan mum is finally reunited with murdered daughter

Susan Young
Susan Young

A Wigan woman who grieved the loss of her slain daughter for almost half a century has been laid to rest beside her.

The death was announced this week of Audrey Young at the age of 88.

Audrey Young

Audrey Young

She was the mother of 12-year-old Susan Young who was raped and killled by Hindley neighbour Jimmy Lang in November 1970.

Lang who, after the killing, pretended to help in the search for the victim, was convicted of rape and manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

He was let out on licence after 14 years but soon after he tried to choke a girl of 16 and a woman of 21 and was sent back to Broadmoor.

Susan had left her house in Lancaster Road, Hindley, to buy an ice cream.

When she did not return her father Ray went to find her and later teamed up with Lang for the search.

Her body was found at the back of the old Hindley Grammar School. Lang had inflicted horrific injuries on her, including 26 wounds to the throat with a broken bottle.

After the court case it came to light that he had a long criminal record and had only been out of prison for a few weeks having served a three year sentence for rape.

Audrey, who was later widowed, campaigned to keep Lang - who changed his name to Jimmy Kay - behind bars and also offered help to people who became hooked on tranquillisers through a group called Tranx.

In later life she lived at Leigh’s Brideoake care home and it was there she died.

Her funeral was at the Church of Latter Day Saints and was laid to rest alongside her beloved Susan.

The Wigan Post tried to find out from the Ministry of Justice whether Kay is dead or alive, at liberty or still behind bars, but a spokeswoman said it was not policy to release such details