VIDEO: Scratchcard millionaires share life-changing story

A couple who scooped £1m on a scratchcard returned to the Wigan supermarket which made them millionaires yesterday, to reveal how their lottery win has transformed their lives.

Andrew and Natalie Cunliffe visited Asda in Hindley - the store in which Andrew purchased the lucky scratchcard - to encourage Wigan residents to take their own chance to win a life-changing amount.

Andrew and Natalie Cunliffe return to the ASDA store where they bought their 1m winning scratchcard

Andrew and Natalie Cunliffe return to the ASDA store where they bought their 1m winning scratchcard

The couple, from Blackpool, scooped £1m on a National Lottery £100 Million Cash Spectacular Scratchcard in February 2016.

Over two years on from the day that changed their lives, Andrew and Natalie dropped in to the store in Ladies Lane to unveil a gold lottery playing station, in the hope that their good fortune may now rub off on others.

Giving it their own stamp of approval with a gold handprint, they wrote messages of good luck to future lottery players.

Andrew, 39, said: “It was fantastic to go back to the store where I bought my scratchcard.

“Asda in Hindley will always have a place in my heart. After all, it is the National Lottery and this store which changed mine and Natalie’s lives forever.

“The gold play station is very swanky and I just hope it brings lots of other people lots of luck.”

Andrew, a construction company site manager, was working on a site in Hindley when he was sent on a supermarket run to get some tea bags for his workmates. He picked up the lucky scratchcard at the same time, not knowing that the decision would change his life.

“It’s a massive amount, but not enough for us to be reckless and silly with it,” Andrew said.

“We’ve had to invest it wisely and hopefully watch it grow for our children. It’s the comfort of knowing you’re financially safe, it takes a lot of pressure off you.”

But the jackpot was more than enough for Andrew and Natalie to get engaged and have their dream wedding in Cyprus, jetting in 65 close friends and family to share the day with them.

Andrew added: “I’ve never stopped being lucky ever since my win two years ago. It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve married the love of my life in a dream wedding abroad, and we’ve just had our second child together. I hope my lucky streak never stops!”

The couple also gave advice to any Wiganers thinking of playing the lottery and following in their footsteps.

“Just do it. Chance your arm,” Andrew said.

Natalie, 33, added: “People think it won’t happen for them. But we are normal people, and it happened to us, every pound you put in goes back into the community and local charities as well. It’s 100 per cent worth it.”

Camelot also used the event to reveal that out of 5,000 people playing the lottery in Wigan, 220 have banked a huge prize, including 11 millionaires.