Wigan athletics star Jenny Meadows on Celebrity Mastermind tonight

Jenny Meadows
Jenny Meadows

A Wigan Olympian will confront the most terrifying black chair on television when she takes part in Celebrity Mastermind.

Athletics champion Jenny Meadows is one of four stars testing their specialist and general knowledge on the BBC quiz show tonight (Friday).

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Jenny has selected the Rugby League Challenge Cup since 1990 as her specialist subject and will then also face a series of quick-fire questions from presenter John Humphrys.

Celebrities on the programme play for charity and Jenny has said on social media she is supporting a children's charity in the borough.

She also gave a hint on Twitter of just how tough it is to face Celebrity Mastermind's intimidating set-up, with its spotlight and menacing music.

She wrote: "That black chair is seriously scary."

She also responded to someone looking forward to watching, saying: "It will definitely be entertaining for you. I will be watching through my fingers placed over my eyes."

Jenny is competing alongside former Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown, Francis Boulle from reality TV show Made In Chelsea and BBC presenter Danny Sebastian.

Celebrity Mastermind is on BBC One tonight at 8.30pm.