Wigan biker prepares for epic charity race

Bikers prepare for epic charity race
Bikers prepare for epic charity race

A Wigan woman and her intrepid band of motorbike-mad friends are preparing to take on an epic endurance race in a bid to raise money for good causes.

Susan Rigby and her fellow riders, who together make up the Rivi Kickstart Chicks, will each ride a total of two hours on a Honda C90 at the “Plop Enduro” race (named for the famous noise the motorcycles make when stationary) at Mallory Park race track in Leicestershire tomorrow.

Rivi Kickstart Chicks Susan Rigby, Deb Ward, Gaynor Parker and Joanne Brown

Rivi Kickstart Chicks Susan Rigby, Deb Ward, Gaynor Parker and Joanne Brown

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The race is a seven-and-a half-hour endurance event which sees 100 teams of up to four riders taking part, all in the name of fun and fund-raising.

And while proceeds from the race itself go to the North West Air Ambulance, Blood Bikers and other charities, The Rivy Chicks will be raising money for their own chosen charity too through sponsorship.

Susan, from Hindley, Deb Ward from Southport, Gaynor Parker from Manchester and Joanne Brown from Liverpool, raised £2430 for Prostate Cancer UK and the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD) by taking part in last year’s event in Anglesey, becoming the first all-female team to take part since 2012 in the process.

This year, they will also be riding in aid of Gaynor’s niece who needs a much-needed funding boost to cover potentially life-changing medical tests.

Susan, 54, said: “It’s good fun, it’s a real giggle. It starts in waves of 30 or so riders at a time. We’ll ride for 30 minutes, stop, fuel up and swap over. Each girl will then jump on, ready to go.

And despite her riding experience, Susan admitted to still have a little trepidation about the race.

She said: “It’s a more difficult circuit (than Anglesey). We’re a bit nervous about it, but looking forward to it all the same. I’ve only been to this circuit once, a long time ago.

“So we’ve been looking at videos of other people doing laps, just to see what the bends are like, etc.

“It’s a serious race, and you do get falls.”

And undaunted by the idea of a gruelling race lasting almost eight hours, Susan and Joanne are already preparing to part in another Plop Enduro event when it travels to the Isle of Man in July.

Unfortunately, the Rivi Chicks quartet will become a duo for this race, as Deb and Gaynor cannot attend due to work commitments.

To find out more about the team , visit facebook.com/rivi-kickstart-chicks