Wigan bride-to-be slims down for dream Caribbean wedding

A bride-to-be has dropped two stone as she shapes up for her dream wedding in the Caribbean.

Wednesday, 14th October 2020, 7:00 am
Sarah Dawson after losing weight

Sarah Dawson, from Astley, took the decision to join Weight Watchers as she wanted to feel comfortable in her wedding dress and walk down the aisle feeling amazing.

The 35-year-old was determined to lose at least a dress size for her sunset beach wedding in Barbados on August 28 next year.

And with the help of Astley Weight Watchers workshop, her weight has plummeted from 12st ½ lbs at the start of her journey to 10st on August 6, 2020. Her dress size has gone down from size 14/16 to a size 10.

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Sarah Dawson before losing weight

Transport supervisor Sarah, who said she feels “fantastic”, started her journey when she had booked a holiday for December 2019, and was determined to lose weight.

She said: “I started just before my birthday last year as I was feeling flumpy and had low energy levels and disliked every item of clothing in my wardrobe. Everything was tight on me and I had low confidence levels. I didn’t enjoy clothes shopping and I felt I wanted to be like everybody else’s bodies but not my own.”

Admitting she felt apprehensive about stepping through the doors of the group, Sarah said her nerves soon went, and was “welcomed with open arms” by her coach and fellow members.

Since then she hasn’t looked back and began to change her habits to healthier ones by working on her mindset and was thrilled to discover that everthing was still on the menu, while she runs several times a week and goes to the gym.

She said: “I think before I eat. Am I hungry or do I just want something out of boredom for instance?

“I’ve eaten out, enjoy my gin and tonics, weekends away and through my journey I have done all these things and still lost weight.”

Wither her sunset beach wedding booked, Sarah is excited for the day and said she has chosen a “figure hugging dress" which she admits she would not have picked before Weight Watchers.

She said: “My fiancé has been so supportive. If I’m having one of those days when all I want is a bar of chocolate, he would always make sure I would share it with him. He also encouraged me by cooking Weight Watchers meals for me too.

“ I’ve said yes to the dress and have gone for a figure-hugging dress which I would never have picked but Weight Watchers has given me newfound confidence I never knew I had.

“I’m so excited to wear it in Barbados surrounded by a small group of friends and family.”

Weight Watchers Coach Maggie Dixon said: “It was a joy to celebrate Sarah reaching goal during lockdown and just as rewarding to be able to give Sarah her awards in September at the Express Workshop.

Sarah’s positive mindset, healthy eating and new activity habits are an inspiration to all of the other members.”