Wigan care home accidentally rated 'inadequate' by CQC

Woodlands Court
Woodlands Court

A “technical error” has threatened the reputation of a “good” Wigan care home after a report was published claiming that residents were living in filthy conditions.

Woodlands Court in New Springs, has been accidentally rated “inadequate” by the Care Quality Commission after an 18-month-old report was re-published on the site this week.

The home was previously in special measures in 2017 before redeeming itself in an inspection back in March.

However the most recent report to be published on the watchdog’s website includes concerns about residents sleeping in rooms with “soiled mattresses”, a problem care home bosses say was solved more than a year ago.

A spokesperson for Woodlands Court said: “The report relates to an inspection carried out by the CQC in June 2017.

“An administrative error by the CQC meant that it was not uploaded to its website at the time.

“Immediate action was taken 18 months ago to address all of the shortcomings identified.

“A new manager was appointed and they worked closely with our regional management team to improve procedures, the standard of care provided, and the physical environment of the home

“Staff numbers have been increased and all new and existing staff have undergone rigorous training.

“Many furnishings have been replaced and a number of rooms have been completely refurbished.”

Amid the old document are details of an incident in which one patient was left to wet themselves in the corridor, an incident which occurred long in the home’s troubled past.

The report also includes comments about “dirty slippers” and personal equipment, and incorrect medicine management which put patients at risk of harm.

The home’s spokesperson added: “Feedback from residents and their families points to noticeable improvement in the 18 months since the inspection was carried out.

“Woodlands Court was most recently inspected by the CQC in March 2018, and received a Good rating overall. This remains the current rating for the home.”

The review also listed several health and safety care breaches which contributed to placing the care home in special measures.

Following the inspection, which was carried out in June 2017, CQC inspectors said that care home bosses would have 12 months maximum to make “significant improvements” face closure.

At the point of publication, Woodlands Court was still rated as “inadequate” on the publicly accessible website.

Its most recent inspection has rated the care home as “good”, but this does not appear as the rating on the CQC site.