Wigan diamond couple’s secret: ‘Go to bed happy...’

Arthur ad Eve Entwhistle who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding
Arthur ad Eve Entwhistle who are celebrating their Diamond Wedding

It may be approaching six decades since they got married, but Arthur and Vera Entwistle are just as devoted to each other now as they were on day one.

The 83-year-olds have been “going to bed happy” every day at their Hindley Green home since tying the knot in the late 1950s.

Arthur ad Eve Entwhistle on their wedding day

Arthur ad Eve Entwhistle on their wedding day

The couple met while on a night out with their respective groups of pals in Bickershaw.

They were married on January 3, 1959. Fast forward almost 60 years, and the couple have two children and three grandchildren.

And the best part about being married for so long?

“Going to bed happy, and being happy when you get up in the morning,” according to romantic Arthur.

Arthur at the organ

Arthur at the organ

Arthur enjoyed a long career as a salesman for the electricity board, but his real talent was for music.

In fact, Arthur was an organist on the Wigan labour club scene for the best part of three decades!

“I used to play the organ, free of charge, just for my own entertainment,” he said.

He began playing around 1963 at various venues before eventually starting up at the Bodega. “It was a six-day-a-week job!” Arthur said.

“I was the only one in Bickershaw playing a church organ, but I didn’t like to play on Sundays!

“Eventually I went to play Sundays in the Leigh Miners Welfare Institute, and then another organ at Newtown Labour Club, then onto Lower Ince Labour club.”

“It was completely different when I was a young lad,” Arthur said. “It used to be amazing, having Saturday night singalongs, when an artist would be on. But people would expect you to know every song.”

He added: “I stopped when the club life changed completely. We (organists) became redundant around the early 1990s.”

Arthur’s talents even earned him a certificate of appreciation for playing the organ.

He still manages to play at home and he and Vera take pride in the fact that one of their sons, David, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a musician, performing in Wigan’s pubs and clubs.

But despite a life of music and dance-filled parties, the couple want to celebrate their milestone anniversary in a more reserved manor.

Arthur said: “We’re just having a quiet one. We’re not doing anything major. At least, that’s our intention!”