Wigan family refunds donations after gran's amazing cancer progress

Caroline Brayshaw with her son Billy
Caroline Brayshaw with her son Billy

A Wigan gran who was given only three months to live in January is giving back thousands of pounds of charitable donations after making remarkable progress.

Caroline Brayshaw, from Ashton, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of January.

The gran-of-four received the devastating news after first battling pancreatic cancer following which she was given the all clear in 2016.

But despite her “healthy lifestyle” the cancer returned earlier this year, leaving her family reeling from the news.

Caroline, who was 57 when she received the prognosis, made the heart-wrenching decision not to undergo a strong course of chemotherapy which may have prolonged her life.

However, her devastated family contacted the Wigan Observer after discovering a radical treatment called “Proton therapy” could help destroy the cancerous cells in her body.

Her son, 28-year-old Billy Brayshaw, an Instagram model, ran a campaign raising £2,800 to fly his mum over to Prague for the potentially life-saving treatment.

But following a dramatic u-turn, the grateful family has decided to refund all of their donations along with sharing the positive news about Caroline’s battle.

Billy took to his website to update the public on his mum’s condition.

“It was mentioned that another avenue was opened up to us via the NHS, in the way of a radiotherapy treatment,” he said.

“At the beginning of this fund-raiser we had no such option, and are truly grateful for the new opportunity.

“Mother has now finished her six-week course of radiotherapy, and we are awaiting a scan date and results which will happen in the next few months from now.

“She’s doing well and bulldozing through life as she always does.

“We are all so proud of her and the strength she has brought to this difficult time.

“A strength she says comes from the overwhelming support she has had from family and friends.

“After some careful consideration and because our plans have now changed, we have decided to refund all donations for the fund-raising of mum’s Proton Treatment in Prague.

“Your generosity means so much to all of us, and it has been overwhelming to see all the love shared.”

Back in July, after months of battling with NHS red tape, the family were able to send the relevant documents to the Prague clinic, which was waiting to carry out treatment as soon as the Brayshaws gave them the green light.

However, doctors - who previously said there was nothing they could do for Caroline other than chemotherapy - took a deeper look into her case and decided she would be eligible for radiotherapy.

Although Caroline and her family have not ruled Proton therapy out in the future, they have chosen to refund every penny donated with the intention of flying her out there for treatment.