Wigan firm's period poverty appeal

The appeal is to help women who can't afford sanitary products
The appeal is to help women who can't afford sanitary products

A business in Wigan has teamed up with The Brick to tackle period poverty in the community.

Cloud Perspective works with companies around the world to move data from older on-premise systems to Cloud based applications.

The company were looking for a charity to adopt and support when Martyn Leman, co-founder of the company, came across the issue of period


Mr Leman said: “Although we have done various things for charities, I couldn’t believe that this was an actual issue in Wigan. I could not imagine the embarrassment and the shame

someone must feel if they couldn’t afford pads or tampons, so we went ahead with it”.

Cloud Perspective have given seed funding for The Brick to start to combat period poverty, through coordinating the Red Box Project targeting schools, as well as placing sanitary supplies in community centres throughout the borough.

Red Boxes contain sanitary products including the following; pads of mix of flows, light medium and heavy towels, tampons, panty liners, clean under wear in different sizes, paper bags for disposal and leaflets.

Alice Coren, Reuse and Recycle Coordinator for The Brick, said: “The Period Poverty initiative was a natural extension to the existing work we do within The Brick’s food bank, as the parcels we provide already include sanitary products as well as food.

“We try and accommodate our client’s needs and circumstances whatever they may be, and sanitary products are an everyday necessity that not all families can afford.”

Along with the support of Cloud Perspective, The Brick also receive donations of sanitary products through donation points at supermarkets.

Research conducted by Plan International states that one in 10 girls miss out on education due to their periods.

“No young person should miss out on education because of their periods, they’re a natural part of us and not something that should affect your education, and that’s what the Red Box

Project can help with,” Ms Coren said.

The project aims to break down the stigma and taboo against period poverty and it is one of many which have been set up around the UK.

She added: “There are a variety of projects combatting period poverty that exist around the country; it is not a new idea but something that already has grass roots, we are just working with it in Wigan. We want to make sure anyone can have access to decent sanitary products, so they can get on with their lives with dignity.”

Any school and or community centre in the Wigan region who have not received an email about the period poverty project or feel that they will benefit from working with us should contact Alice at The Brick (alice@thebrick.org.uk)