Wigan man praises kindness of taxi driver who tracked him down to return his wallet

Glenn Rosental with Lee Blackburn
Glenn Rosental with Lee Blackburn

A Wigan man has praised a taxi driver who tracked him down after he lost almost £400 in his cab.

Glenn Rosental, from Scholes, said he is “so grateful” to Bluestar driver Lee Blackburn, who went out of his way to return his wallet which contained cash and priceless photos of his late mum.

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The 32-year-old had been travelling from Whelley with his six-year-old daughter when he accidentally dropped the wallet.

“I didn’t think I was going to get it back,” he said. “I wasn’t even sure if I had left it in the taxi or if it had just been taken. It was only a short taxi journey.

“I’m taking my daughter on holiday in August and that money is for spends and other bits.

“I tried calling the company but they said no one had found anything, then I called again the next day and nothing.

“I was really down when I realised it was gone, it doesn’t matter who you are, £400 is a lot of money.

“There were pictures of me as a baby with my mum as well. I am just so grateful he got it back for me.”

Lee, 40, said that it was “so lucky” that the wallet was still there four hours after Glenn had been in his taxi as there had been so many passengers sitting in the same seat.

“It had not been noticed and no one had made off with it,” said the Hindley taxi driver. “Luckily there was a slip inside it for his daughter’s school with his number on it.

“He was jumping up and down when I gave it him back, he was absolutely buzzing.

“When I dropped it off he gave me a thank you card, a scratch card and £20, even though I said didn’t want anything for it.

“I didn’t win on the scratch card but if I had I would have shared it with him. It goes to show that honesty really is the best policy.”