Wigan man's mission to change people's perceptions of disabilities

Robert Winstanley is now modelling for a gents retailer, such has been his growing confidence
Robert Winstanley is now modelling for a gents retailer, such has been his growing confidence

A Wigan man has created a new group aimed at changing people’s perceptions of disabilities.

Robert Winstanley has set up a community interest group called Beautiful Creator, which aims to support disabled people while also changing people’s own perhaps prejudicial views of such incapacities.

Robert has had to overcome several setbacks of his own due to having brittle bones.

He born with seven fractured ribs and a fractured thigh, and underwent many operations to repair broken bones, including having metal rods inserted into his femurs and tibia.

But Robert has overcome his difficulties and is now on a mission to inspire others to embrace their lives and “take control of their own destiny.”

“Everyone is only as limitless as their own imagination,” he said.

“Boundaries and obstacles placed there by us and others can be overcome.

“Beautiful Creator is about helping everyone to do this, by helping you see your true potential.”

Robert wants to help anyone and everyone understand their own personal story, and help them become “better, not bitter” about their own circumstances.

“What we go through in life makes us who we are, and everyone should be seen as an individual,” he said. “Be proud to be who you are. Change your thoughts, and you change the world you are in.”

Describing himself as “small in stature but big in heart”, Robert wants people to “fall in love with life again”.

From a very early age, he has been fund-raising to help the Brittle Bone Society.

Being in a wheelchair all his life, he is aware of how much they cost, and always wanted to make it possible for others to be able to get a correctly fitting chair.

Robert was launching his new CIC today in a special event at Haigh Hall.

Five artists will entertain attendees on the day, telling their personal stories through music.

Robert has also joined independent menswear retailer Master Debonair as one of its ambassadors.

Now modelling for the stylish brand, Robert aims to highlight the diversity on offer at Master Debonair, showcasing his ever growing confidence along the way.

A lot of local companies and charities are supporting the launch event and Beautiful Creator would like to thank them for all the very good work they do in the borough.

For further details contact www.beautifulcreatorcic@gmail.com