Wigan mum who battled brain tumour wants to help others

A Wigan mum-of-one who has battled a brain tumour is using her own experience to help others facing adversity.

Friday, 4th September 2020, 2:54 pm
Updated Friday, 4th September 2020, 2:58 pm
Lorraine Rigby , centre with the team at Creations Hair and Barbering Studio, from left, Nicole Calland, Alison Burrows, David Sullivan, Lorraine Rigby, Dione Rainford, Charley Evans and Olivia Long.

A Wigan mum-of-one who has battled a brain tumour is using her own experience to help others facing adversity.

Lorraine Rigby, from Orrell, saw her world turn upside down when she was diagnosed with the tumour in 2007.

After brain surgery, medics were able to remove the tumour and she now lives to tell the tale today and support people who are in a similar situation to what she was.

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Despite the tumour being removed Lorraine did suffer from a lot of hair loss and Addison’s disease, a side effect from her ordeal.

An uncommon disorder, Addison’s occurs when your body does not produce enough of certain hormones and it can be lethal, potentially causing acute adrenal failure, infection, and sudden death in patients diagnosed at a young age.

Another thing that Lorraine struggled with was the lack of support she received for the hair loss she had been experiencing - and it has inspired her to offer a service for others.

From September 28, she will be holding a monthly medical hair loss clinic at Creations Hair & Barbering Studio in Orrell where she works.

The service will offer advice and support to anyone suffering hair loss, about to undergo treatment for cancer or already have a wig that needs restyling.

Lorraine, 49, who has a 10-year-old child, Charley, said: “I’m registered with the charity My New Hair which provide help, advice and support to anyone living with the effects of medical hair loss.

“Due to my brain tumour I had a lot of hair loss and I found there was no other service or support available.

“So I decided to offer a medical hair loss service at the salon where I used to work.

“I’ve done it for 12 to 13 years now and the difference it can make is unbelievable, it’s life-changing.

“On the specified days, the salon will be exclusively open for clients in this position, totally private with a fantastic relaxed atmosphere.”

The service can also provide aftercare packs, containing everything people need to look after their hair piece. There will also be a wig cleaning service, which will be completed in 48 hours.

Lorraine said: “People can call in for a chat or make an appointment and it will be a private clinic.

“I just want to offer a service that helps others who are going through similar to what I did.”

Prices start at £15 for the service depending on length.

Lorraine can guide people on every step of their journey so they are ready to face the world again.

She offers psychological medicine and has total understanding in the field having been there herself.

To speak to Lorraine or to make an appointment contact her on 01942 218871, for more information or call in for a chat.