Wigan residents mock misspelt signs on road and footpath

The misspelt sign in Standish
The misspelt sign in Standish

Bungling authorities were left red-faced when two road signs with glaring spelling errors on them appeared in the same borough township.

Residents in Standish took to social media in their droves to poke fun at a warning from Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Police that vehicles being used irresponsibly would be “seized without furthur warning”.

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The message appeared on The Line and was trying to bar cars, motorbikes and off-road machines from the route which is for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Around the same time yellow signs helpfully informed drivers that a restaurant called “The Owels” was still open for business.

A rather sheepish town hall said the notice on The Line has now been taken down and replaced by one which has been subjected to a more rigorous proof-reading.

A council spokesman said: “We do make sure that our literature is checked thoroughly to remove any potential mistakes before it is used.

“In this instance the spelling mistake on the warning signs against illegal vehicle use has slipped through the checks unnoticed, but with the vast number of signs we produce every year this is a rare incident.

“Thanks to the public for making us aware of this. We have removed the signs and installed new ones with the correct wording on Wednesday morning.”

However, the local authority said it was not the one in a flap trying to get the name of The Owls right. Instead it believes one of the house-building firms in the area committed the “typo” when referencing the Rectory Lane eatery.

The mistakes caused much merriment on Facebook group Standish Then And Now.

Christine Williams, who posted the picture of the notice on The Line, said: “Come on Wigan Council get the spell checker out before you put your signs up for everyone to laugh at! It’s FurthEr not FurthUr.”

Jan Clarke said: “I’m a bit of a grammar freak, I know, but on official signage it can never be acceptable.”

Paul Ramsbottom, meanwhile, quipped about The Owls' sign: “Does everyone think it’s a hoot?”

Tory councillor Ray Whittingham jokingly asked if anyone knew where Standish’s new restaurant ‘The Owels’ was located.