Wigan runner 'devastated' as challenge cut short due to injury

An endurance runner who was bidding to do 75 miles around the DW Stadium has had his challenge cut short due to an injury.

Saturday, 10th October 2020, 10:25 am
Updated Saturday, 10th October 2020, 10:26 am

Aaron Woodward was attempting to do 200 laps around the stadum to show his support for Wigan Athletic and raise awareness of mental illness among men.

But a few hours into his challenge, which he started at midnight today (October 10), he sustained an injury to his right calf.

Bravely he carried on running for a few miles but he couldn't even walk on his right leg never mind run and had to accept defeat.

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Aaron Woodward

Instead, Aaron will be going to the hospital to get his calf checked over and see what damage has been caused.

Speaking of his devastation on Facebook, Aaron, 28, who lives in Newtown said: "Devastation doesn't really cut how I feel right now, I am an incredibly mentally resilient human being.

"A few hours in and I felt a pop in my right calf, literally felt like someone shot me in the back of the calf. I've had injuries in my past challenges but my mental strength has always carried me through.

"I feel like I'm making excuses, I have failed and failed this challenge miserably. No one will beat me up more than myself about this, I feel so incredibly upset and I feel like I have let everybody down. Also, feel like I have let everybody who has donated over the few months down.

"Unfortunately, after carrying on for a few miles, I couldn't even walk on my right leg never mind run. I stopped for ten minutes in hope it may go away, carried on for a few laps but the pain was something I have never felt before."

Aaron has already run miles and miles this summer and so far collected more than £2,000 for suicide prevention charity CALM, which he wanted to support after trying to take his own life earlier this year.

Despite never previously running further than a half marathon, he has now completed two long-distance challenges - running two marathons in two days and going 53 miles along the canal from Wigan to Leeds.

He said: "Doing these providing I've only been running a few months, my body ultimately has paid the price in doing these challenges, not just these challenges but the countless miles I do inbetween to prepare for these challenges.

"I will not be able to live this down for a while, but in hindsight, my body is telling me to give it a break. I put so much of my own money into this challenge so a decision like this wouldn't be made unless I physically couldn't do something and this is something I physically cannot do.

"I will be going to the hospital to get my calf checked over and see what serious damage I have caused because I feel like it's quite serious.

"To Matthew Melling aka The Wigan Runner, thank you for all your support and what you did just before the start, starting the first 5k with me. I apologise to everyone on his page who was wishing me well, I feel like I have let you down and I am sorry.

"I am incredibly sorry to people who was planning on coming out to support run with me and support me in general."

He added: "I have never felt down as I do right now for a very long time, I need time to process this. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to criticism.

"Again, I am so sorry."

But dozens have taken to Facebook to share their support for Aaron.

Janey Woodward said: "It isn't about pushing yourself to the extreme and completing a challenge, it's about raising money for charity. I know you can't see the bigger picture right now but there is one, you've not let anyone down.

Alfie Wardle added: "Unlucky Aaron, rest up and you’ll be back."