Wigan woman's anger with council at constant garden floods

Debbie Caveney, of Woodside Avenue, Landgate, has hit out at Wigan Council for not sorting her flooded and overgrown back garden

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 7:00 am

An angry woman is at her wits’ end over what to do about the state of her flooded and overgrown garden.

Debbie Caveney of Woodside Avenue, Landgate, has had problems with flooding and weeds, bushes and brambles in the back garden of her council house for years.

The situation has got so bad that Ms Caveney has sought the help of Wigan Council to sort out the patch of the land, but she said her concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

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Debbie Caveney has complained to the council about her back garden which floods and is in a state

She said the area has no fencing and that she would like to see this as well as work done to tackle the overgrowth and drainage to address the flooding.

But she said council chiefs have told her they are not responsible for maintenance of the back garden but are with the front.

The 51-year-old, who said neighbours have had similar issues, said: “It just constantly floods and the drainage system doesn’t work properly.

“It’s been like this since I lived there and it’s got to the stage where I’ve had enough.

“A council inspector come round a few weeks ago, but I’ve been told they’re only responsible for the front garden and fencing of the house, but I’d like to see a fence at the back as there’s none.”

And Ms Caveney said fed-up residents are considering setting up a petition in a desperate bid to get the council to do something.

She said: “I even hired a mini digger as the garden is overgrown and I couldn’t do anything with normal garden tools.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

“Why should I spend my money to do all of this?

“The council have got to meet us half way.”

She added: “We are thinking of setting up a petition.

“The whole row of houses has just had enough.”

Wigan Council said a council officer was due to visit this week to check the flooding and to ensure there are no tree roots that may cause any structural damage to the property.

The authority said that garden maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant and so is back fencing - unless the property backs onto public land.

They said the inspector that visited previously was undertaking internal repairs inspections.

They added that the team were set to discuss Ms Caveney’s concerns with her directly this week.

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