You won't believe what this Wigan woman accidentally changed her name to...

Ricia Derricott aka Miss Hindley Health Centre
Ricia Derricott aka Miss Hindley Health Centre

A Wigan woman who applied to change her name was mortified to discover she had unwittingly asked to be named after her local medical practice!

Ricia Derricott, from Hindley Green, was changing her surname by deed poll ahead of an upcoming holiday, and assumed all was well after paying the fee and successfully sending off her email application.

Miss Hindley Health Centre

Miss Hindley Health Centre

But the 21-year-old was stunned when she received a reply confirming she had applied to call herself “Miss Hindley Health Centre.”

Sharing the amusing tale on social media, she said: “Cannot believe I’ve just applied to change my last name by deed poll and after submitting my application and paid, checked my emails and the application had auto filled my name to ‘miss hindley health center’.”

She told the Wigan Post: “I’m going on holiday in a few weeks, and I needed to change my name for my passport.

“It was biologically Mullen, then my dad changed it to Derricott a couple years ago, but I’ve never changed any documents. So it was just easier to change it back to Mullen for my passport.”

She added: “It had auto-corrected on my phone. I had just paid for it, and it was about 10 minutes after that I spotted it. I managed to change it back to the name I wanted.

“It was only an online application so it wasn’t too bad.”

And while some may have found the faux pas embarrassing, Ricia said the incident was “something to laugh about.”

She said: “I’ve have people from work on Facebook. As soon as I got in the next day, they were all calling me Hindley Health Centre. They all think it’s hilarious.”

Ricia may have found the mistake amusing, but the thought of what would happen if she had legally changed her name to Hindley Health Centre was still unbearable.
“I wouldn’t know how to react, I wouldn’t know what to do!” she said.