Young Wigan campaigner creates posters against dog fouling

Laura Roberts, 10, was sick and tired of seeing bags full of dog mess left hanging from trees and bushes when she went for walks around Standish with her family.
Laura Roberts, 10, holds her anti dog-fouling posterLaura Roberts, 10, holds her anti dog-fouling poster
Laura Roberts, 10, holds her anti dog-fouling poster

So when her Brownies group did their Speaking Out badge requiring members to think of something that matters to them or concerns them, Laura knew what her cause was going to be.

She designed posters to be displayed around the area where she lives and then, as she had to contact someone explaining what she had done, contacted Wigan Council’s portfolio holder for communities Coun Chris Ready.

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Laura’s proud dad Peter said: “Laura wanted to speak out about dog fouling, she said it was disgusting. She really doesn’t like it when we go for walks and see people have hung bags of dog mess in bushes and trees, or it’s left on the pavement.

"She’s worked really hard on this and particularly enjoyed this Brownies badge.”

Coun Ready said: “Whenlockdown came I saw an improvement in people respecting their local areas, but we seem to have slipped back into the idea that it doesn’t really matter.

“I’m a dog owner myself and you’ve got to take responsibility for your dog.

“You can make excuses but dog fouling is a blight on the landscape.

“It’s really important that message comes from someone like Laura, because young people are our future.”