Percy peacock causing a flap across the town

A rogue peacock which has been mysteriously turning up at homes in Wigan and calling for its lost mate has finally been reunited with its owner.

Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 11:06 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 11:11 am
Melanie Cornish posted this photograph of Percy
Melanie Cornish posted this photograph of Percy

Percy the Peacock, believed to be from Pemberton, had been missing from his home since the beginning of last week along with his peahen mate who has also now returned.

Concerned residents took to Facebook to try and find Percy’s owner as he landed on rooftops and garden sheds across the Pemberton and Highfield area.

Various pictures show the colourful bird on rooftops and garden fences and a video has also emerged of the peacock letting out its distinctive mating call in the early hours of the morning.

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The posts alerted his owner, Christine Birchall, who appealed to the peacock’s temporary hosts not to feed the bird or it may not return home.

Wigan residents, in keeping with the town’s laid back reputation, saw the humorous side of the situation, posting regular updates of Percy’s whereabouts until he made it home safely.

Adele Cowpland took to Facebook, posting a photo of Percy with the caption: “On daughter’s roof on Monday on Merton Road. Crikey they are loud too. Gorgeous bird. Think he woke the entire street up haha.”

Everyone involved in the hunt for Percy was keen to help Ms Birchall find him, however whenever there was a sighting of Percy, he had quickly moved on by the time his owners arrived to collect him.

Ms Birchall replied to people via social media thanking them for keeping her up to date with his whereabouts.

She said: “Percy is home ... for the moment.

“Thank you to everyone for your updates on his well-being. I wouldn’t be surprised if he visits again.”

One resident was just glad to hear Percy was real.

Donna Stevenson said: “Thought I was going mad, been hearing it all week.

“Kept thinking it was on telly. A real live peacock here in Highfield, who’d have thought.”