Pervert alert

The Life Centre in Wigan where the pervert struck
The Life Centre in Wigan where the pervert struck
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A SICK ‘peeping Tom’ is being hunted after secretly filming naked women and children in the unisex changing rooms of the new Wigan baths.

The voyeur occupies a cubicle next to his victim, pushes a shoe under the dividing wall as a decoy then reaches under with his arm under the pretext of recovering it. But he is actually shooting footage upwards with his mobile phone camera.

One victim today spoke of her disgust and distress at the “violation” and backed police recommendations to tighten security at the Life Centre pool.

The Swinley mother-of-three also called into question the concept of mixed sex “changing villages” – something to which the leisure trust has already responded by splitting the facilities into men’s and women’s areas.

Police are now appealing for witnesses and further information about two incidents reported to them from the baths within weeks of their opening.

The young mum told the Wigan Observer: “I thought nothing of it at first. But then a few moments later I looked down again and saw this forearm appear. The hand had a camera phone in it and it was tilted towards my little girl.

“I freaked out. I shouted at him ‘you are disgusting, what the hell are you doing?’”

Checks on CCTV inside the baths have so far proved inconclusive because neither victim has been able to give a description of the pervert.

It has also been discovered that the cameras outside the Life Centre were not working at the time of the incidents.

Sgt Stephen Hanley said: “You don’t expect to find someone trying to film you while you undress and both victims have been left understandably shaken by these incidents.”

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