Pet dog savaged

Sue Atkinson with her dog Tim who was bitten by another dog on Standish Wood Lane
Sue Atkinson with her dog Tim who was bitten by another dog on Standish Wood Lane

A FURIOUS Wigan dog owner has spoken out after her puppy was savaged by another dog on a country lane.

Sue Atkinson, from Springfield, was taking her 11-month-old lurcher Tim for a walk on Standish Wood Lane on Saturday morning when he was chased by a Jack Russell being walked by a lady who also had a dog similar to a bull mastiff with her.

As Tim ran back towards his owner the larger dog leapt on him and pinned him down, causing several deep puncture wounds in his side which required veterinary attention.

Sue, 44, says the owner of the two dogs remained on her mobile phone during the entire incident, and seemed unaware that there was any problem.

She said: “The other dog was a large, muscular animal, and as far as I’m concerned it should not be off the lead.

“The Jack Russell initially chased my dog out of view. I thought the other owner would call her dog back because mine was frightened, but she was just talking on her mobile phone.

“When they re-appeared the mastiff-type dog just jumped on mine. I could hear the thud of them landing on the hard gravel path, then my dog just lay there motionless.

“I grabbed hold of Tim and pulled him away, and then there were some horse riders coming up the lane towards me who asked if I was OK. I said Tim had been injured, and then I realised he was bleeding.”

On examination at the vet Tim was found to have six puncture wounds in his side from the dog’s teeth, four from its incisors and two from its canines, leaving Sue with a bill of £258.

She says she has been left angry and upset by the attitude of the other dog owner.

She said: “The money is irrelevant to me. The vet has managed to stitch him up but he’s got a large wound on his side.

“I would be mortified if it was a dog of mine that had done something like that, and I would want to do something about it, but she seemed very blase about it.

“It felt as though she was virtually laughing in my face about it, and I admit I lost my temper and swore at her.

“I just feel she didn’t seem to have any control over her dog, and I think a dog capable of that behaviour and that aggressive is too dangerous to be walked off the lead.

“She just seemed oblivious to the problems her dogs were causing.”