Peter Kay in bizarre career move?

Peter Kay - comedian
Peter Kay - comedian

FAMOUS comedian Peter Kay is known across the globe for many things – Phoenix Nights, Is This The Way To Amarillo and ‘garlic bread’ to name a few. But in a bizarre career move the plump funny man appears to have ditched his stand-up for scrubs and branched out into the field of orthopaedic surgery ... in Wigan!

That’s according to one news website, Top News, based in America, who mistakenly used a picture of the comedian to illustrate a story about elective surgeries being put on hold by the UK Government to cut costs.

However, hip or knee operations will not be carried out by the chubby joker but by his namesake, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and president of the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) who is based at Wrightington Hospital.

The ‘real’ Peter Kay said: “We are both fat Northern lads at the end of the day so there are some similarities between us both!

“Many patients joke that they can’t believe they are going to see Peter Kay at Wrightington Hospital.

“It’s funny that this mistake has happened though, it’s all a bit of fun really. Although having the same name as the comedian may have worked in my favour in the past, I have had more than my fair share of flight upgrades!”

Professor Kay specialises in arthritis of the hip and knee in adults and the elderly and complex hip problems such as fractures, infection and congenital dislocation.

Having been a consultant for 19 years and worked at Wrightington Hospital for the last 10, Prof Kay also specialises in knee replacement and bone grafting. He is also a former president of the British Hip Society.

Members of the BOA said this is the first time anybody had ever confused the two men abut did see the funny side.

Simon Scott, from the British Orthopaedic Association, said: “It’s very funny and is remarkable how they manage to juggle both of their careers. Peter thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.” While the Bolton comic may never be stepping foot into the operating theatre as a surgeon, Wrightington’s Peter Kay may be able to make a living on the comedy circuit.

His personal website includes detailed information about his profession and orthopaedic jokes such as: “Three orthopaedic surgeons took five days to do a jigsaw and were proud of their achievement.

“When asked why they were so proud, they said because it said three to five years on the box,” and also, “How do you hide a £20 note from an orthopaedic surgeon?

“Put it in a text book.”

Taxi for Professor Kay!