Petrol poured on front door in late night arson attack

Incident in Atherton last night
Incident in Atherton last night

A car was set alight and front door doused in petrol in a suspected arson attack at a Wigan property.

Crews from Atherton station were called to Tyldesley Road, Atherton, shortly before 11pm yesterday (Thursday September 13).

On arrival, they found a car had been set on fire at the rear of the property, and petrol had been poured over the front door of the house and lit on fire.

The vehicle, reported to have been a Jaguar, was destoyed by the flames, but the house suffered only minor damage after firefighters were able to extinguish the flames on the front door.

Nobody was injured during the incident and the occupants escaped the house safely, firefighters reported.

The fire crews were in attendance for just over an hour before the investigation was passed on to Greater Manchester Police.

More to follow.