Pie factory to feature on BBC

Bakery Manager Pauline Atherton at Poole's Pies
Bakery Manager Pauline Atherton at Poole's Pies

WIGAN’S oldest pie factory has been singled out as a centre of excellence as part of a BBC documentary.

Poole’s Pies, based in Pemberton, is to be featured in Food Inspectors, presented by Chris Hollins, as a benchmark factory to illustrate good practice in food production.

The show, which is to go on air early next year, delves into the problems food manufacturers face and the best ways to deal with it.

As crews followed factory staff, they were given an insight into how Wigan’s famous pies were created, from start to finish.

Pauline Atherton, factory manager, was delighted to represent the firm when the cameras rolled.

She said; “I showed the crews around the factory, showing the process from start to finish.

“So we showed them the meats and ingredients coming in, the cooking vessels and the butchering of the meats.

“The team wanted to know how we dealt with reducing contamination and we finished with showing them how we dispatched the pies. “We are very passionate about our products and we are happy to lead the way in good food production.”

Neil Court-Johnson, managing director of Poole’s Pies, said: “I took a call from the show’s Liverpool-based director, Sean Crotty.

“He was looking for a benchmark factory to illustrate good practice in food production and was convinced to have a look at our factory and quickly decided that the show should be based around Poole’s.

“Food Inspectors is a very highly regarded show and I was thrilled when they first approached us. The Poole’s factory is a genuinely world class facility and our standards of food hygiene are best in class.

“To be highlighted as a benchmark for good practice by such a high profile investigative programme is a great honour everyone here.”

Poole’s was established in 1847 as a local craft bakery, which ultimately became a household name in the North West.

It is now run by Dave Whelan, who bought the company in the late 1980s, and Mr Court-Johnson.

Food Inspectors is scheduled to go to air go to air on BBC One in spring 2013.