Pier Nightspot on last legs

ROLL back the years and it was one of the most famous nightclubs in the North West.

Wigan Pier Nightspot attracted thousands from in and out of town during its heyday with its famous dance music, which is well-known across the world.

Wigan Pier Nightspot, which is about to be demolished

Wigan Pier Nightspot, which is about to be demolished

But after encountering a number of problems, the club shut its doors for the final time more than two years ago.

The site was purchased by Wigan Council last year and it now plans to turn the area into a community garden and possibly a marina.

It’s a project which bosses hope will bring a new lease of life to the area while keeping with the historical nature of the Wigan Pier name. In recent years, the building had started to crumble.

Labelling it as “one of the biggest eyesores in our town”, the council’s deputy leader Coun David Molyneux said: “I think if people see the state of the building as it is today, they will fully understand our decision that it has to come down.

“I know people have some good memories of the site, some people will not have good memories of the site. It has certainly had some controversy during its period as a nightclub but I think we’re making the right decision to clear the site and turn it into a community garden which will be much appreciated by the people who live around the Pier.

“I certainly think that the memory will live on.

“As we do know people are still coming into Wigan to enjoy the nightlife, this was a part of it but I certainly think it’s now passed its sell-by date.”

Plans to transform the area around Wigan Pier are currently being considered by the council. Bulldozers will move in on the site this week with work expected to be completed within a month.

Once that is done, the nightclub site will initially be restored as a community garden but wider proposals include landscaping the land around the pier and making use of the canal basin as a marina for overnight mooring.

Plans are expected to be finalised in the coming months.

“Wigan Pier needs to move on,” added Coun Molyneux.

“There is a lot of history here and the nightclub was part of it.

“But the future is what we want to see and bring back some benefits for the people of Wigan and people who live around it.

“Hopefully there are some long-term plans to improve the area around the pier and possibly bring a marina back here and all the benefits that would bring.

“There are some exciting times, we’ve also got plans for the theatre across the road and I think it will breath new life into this area which will be much-needed and I’m sure it will go from strength to strength.”