Piles of trouble over bins

Alan Green, of Lime Street, Scholes, where the black bins have not been collected for five weeks
Alan Green, of Lime Street, Scholes, where the black bins have not been collected for five weeks
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TEETHING troubles with Wigan’s new bin-emptying regime has left some residents with piles of trouble.

Earlier this month Wigan Council changed its refuse collection schedule, introducing four colour-coded bins which are picked up on a rota basis.

And latest figures from the council show that collection rates are in fact up and complaints are down. During the first two weeks of the service changes, 145 missed bins were recorded across 130,000 properties, half the amount of complaints registered under the previous system.

But Alan Green, of Lime Street, Scholes, was one of the unlucky residents who has had problems, stating his black bin had not been emptied for five weeks before it was eventually cleared this week.

He said: “The bags were starting to pile up and I could see that there were rats running around. I don’t think it’s right, especially with youngsters around, that it has been left to get into this state.”

Mr Green explained that he had contacted the council about the problem.

He said: “They told me that once a complaint has been made it would be sorted within 24 to 48 hours. It took a lot longer than that. It is unbelievable the amount of rubbish left out there.”

Black bins, which contain no recyclable material, are now collected every fortnight. The brown, green and blue bins are allocated for different recyclable materials.

Peter Dawber, who lives on Gidlow Lane, complained: “At first we were told by the council to leave the bins in an alley, then they changed their mind and said we had to leave them outside. Quite regularly our bins are missed and we have to ring the helpline.

“Our neighbours need assisted collections as they are elderly but on a regular basis the bin men just forget to go into their yards to get the bins and then they overflow.”

While Vicky Galligan, from Appley Bridge, had a warning for the winter months.

She said: “The blue bins (which are collected once a month) are getting full after a few days.

“Christmas will be a real problem with packaging, wrapping paper and cards. Especially if collections are delayed due to bad weather as they have been in the past.”

Terry Dunn, the council’s environment director, said: “I’d ask anyone with concerns to report them directly to us online at any time on www.wigan.gov.uk or 01942 404364. I would like to reassure residents that we have robust planning arrangements in place and new state of the art in-cab technology in our vehicles to deal with the new system of collections.”