Pizza delivery driver denies rape

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A WIGAN woman who found herself alone after a night out was raped by a pizza takeaway driver, a court heard.

The 36-year-old had been distressed about how she was going to get home when she met Tayub Amin who offered to give her a lift.

But after he dropped off a pizza order and drove her home he then locked the car doors and raped her, she claimed.

Amin, 27, of Spring Street, Bury, denies the seuxal attack in the early hours of April 15 this year.

The jury has heard that he admits having sex with her but claims it was with her consent.

Neville Biddle, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, went out on the evening of April 14 with a woman friend.

After going to the Ben Johnson and Last Order pubs they went to the Reflex Club in King Street.

At about 2am her friend left without her and when she later left she found long queues for taxis and decided to text a DJ friend for a lift.

In a videod police interview, the woman told how while waiting for a reply a gang of lads came by and one of them kissed her before they walked off.

She found her phone battery had died and she went to a nearby secluded spot to urinate as the club had closed by then. Amin, whom she did not know, then appeared and as she was crying he asked how she was.

When she said she wanted to go home he offered to take her after he had dropped two pizzas off and she agreed and got into the back of his Toyota Corolla.

“He seemed really nice and genuine,” said the woman, who admitted she had been drunk.

After he delivered the pizzas she sat in the front seat at his suggestion and he drove her near her home and parked. She says he then said: “You owe me.”

She said she thought he meant money and offered him some but he gave it her back. “I tried to get out but heard the clicking noise like it had been centrally locked.

“He jumped over to my side. There was a struggle and he said there was no point struggling and that it would be over shortly. And it was.”

Further quizzed she said that he raped her and then let her get out of the car and she went into her home. At some stage he said to her that he would call round “for a brew” in the week.

The court heard that she did not initially ring the police but after ringing a friend she then did so and was medically examined about 8.30 am. She had bruising to her arms.

When Amin was arrested and interviewed he said that sexual intercourse had taken place but it had been with her consent.