Pizza man cleared of sex attack

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A PIZZA delivery driver accused of raping a Wigan woman has been cleared.

Tayub Amin was alleged to have sexually attacked the 36-year-old after giving her a lift to her Goose Green home but a jury this week found him not guilty.

The 27-year-old accused of Spring Street, Bury, had vehemently denied the charge and told the jury that it had been consensual sex and had been initiated by her.

Amin, who had been on remand in custody, was discharged from the dock.

The jury of seven women and five men returned their verdict at Liverpool Crown Court.

Amin told the court that he had gone out to his vehicle to take pizzas to two addresses in Wigan in the early hours of April 15 this year and saw the woman in the town centre car park.

The woman, who had drunk wine, Taboo and 16 Jagermeister bombs, had found herself alone after a night out with a friend.

Amin, a married father-of-three, said that she repeatedly asked if she could come with him and he agreed to give her a lift home.

He said that during the journey the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, began to make sexual advances towards him which he rejected but to which he eventually succumbed.

When they parked by her home she invited him in but he told her he needed to get back to work.

But they ended up kissing and they began touching each others and she said she wanted him to have sex with him.

He said he moved their seats back, climbed on top of her and they had intercourse.

Amin told the court, “All I was thinking was I had cheated on my wife and it wasn’t right what I had done.”

Further questioned by his barrister Mark Connor, he said: “She was fully consenting, she fully instigated this sexual encounter.”