Plane rage millionaire’s drunken attack on partner

Darren Halliwell
Darren Halliwell

A WIGAN millionaire who made international headlines when he went berserk aboard a transatlantic jet has landed back in the dock.

Darren Halliwell, 48, admitted assaulting his wife Sharron just months after he was accused of a similar attack on a British Airways flight to Texas in July.

The court heard how bodybuilder Halliwell flew into a violent rage after turning up drunk at the couple’s spacious home in Aspull. Since the mid-air attack, during which an inebriated Halliwell screamed abuse at airline staff and passengers before urinating on seating, the couple had lived in separate parts of the house.

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court heard how Mrs Halliwell barricaded her bedroom door each night with linen boxes.

But on September 2 the bald IT tycoon returned home from a boozing session at around 12.50am and began shouting and banging on his wife’s door ranting that she had a man in her room.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, explained that it must have been a “figment of his imagination”.

She eventually allowed him in the room to prove she was alone but he grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her onto the bed and began choking her.

Ms Beattie said: “It lasted a couple of seconds, it was difficult for her to breathe and it was painful.

“She said to him ‘Darren leave me, let me get away you’re going to kill me’, he replied ‘good’.”

She eventually wriggled free from his grasp and crawled towards the door, but he followed and pulled her out of the room by her hair and began dragging her down the stairs.

She fled the property before realising she’d forgotten her car keys and went back into the house where she was confronted by Halliwell. He grabbed her by her left foot and began dragging her back out of the room and down the stairs.

Ms Beattie continued: “But he was drunk and he stumbled into her. And at a turn in the stairs she managed to bolt free and ran to her car where she locked herself in.”

Halliwell had gone after her and began punching and headbutting the window of the car before picking up a plant pot.

However, she managed to drive off to a nearby pub to wait for police to arrive.

Ms Beattie added that Mrs Halliwell suffered soreness on her left knee, neck, throat and head and also thought her lip was cut.

Defending Martin Jones said: “My client has little or no recollection of the events from the night.”

Halliwell, who new resides at Gresley Close, Hardybutts, Scholes, was sentenced to a 12 month community order with a rehabilitation activity and 120 hours community service.

He was also ordered to pay £150 court charges, £60 victim surcharge, £85 costs and £200 compensation to his wife.

The defendant was also handed a three-year restraining order and told not to go back to the family home in Aspull.