Plans submitted for new care suite

Dr Anyyar Naqvi with  the star award at the Life Centre in Wigan
Dr Anyyar Naqvi with the star award at the Life Centre in Wigan

A NATIONALLY renowned heart care unit in Wigan will soon expand its facilities, all thanks to the generosity of borough residents.

Council planning officers have been handed the blueprints for a new Catheter Laboratory Discharge Lounge and are expected to give approval next month.

The lounge was the goal of Dr Nayyar Naqvi’s Heart Beat 2 appeal and planning approval is the next step to improve the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Wigan Infirmary.

The original Heart Beat campaign helped develop facilities at the CCU during Dr Naqvi’s 30 year – and counting – tenure in the borough.

Its second incarnation was launched in 2013 and earlier this year CCU staff announced they had reached their target ahead of schedule.

The new lounge will help patients by providing them with comfort and privacy after they have undergone surgical procedures.

Dr Naqvi said patients in the past would have cardiac catheters inserted in the groin area which would mean they would have to recover in a ward bed.

But now the procedure is done through the radial artery in the wrist, meaning recovery can be done seated, with the new lounge providing the perfect environment.

The consultant cardiologist added: “For our target to be reached in such a short space of time is fantastic and shows the generosity of my public here in Wigan and Leigh.”

The one-storey suite will be attached to the existing CCU unit and council officers have set a target for an approval decision on October 28.