Playstation row ends up in court

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A WIGAN father-of-two has been given a restraining order following a row over a Sony Playstation.

Peter Hardy, of Whitecroft Road, was given the order by magistrates after he went round to the house of his son’s friend to confront the child’s mother about a problem the children were having over a games console.

On May 19 last year, Hardy, 37, rang a mobile phone belonging to the son of Sandra Hines after he said his son’s online password for his Playstation games console had been changed by Miss Hines’ son.

However, after she said she could not speak as she was driving, he got into his car and waited for her to return to her home on Salesbury Way.

Prosecuting, Katie McFarlane said: “Miss Hines returned from picking her son and a friend up from school and on turning into her street she saw a silver 4X4 vehicle outside her house. Recognising it was the defendant as Mr Hardy she attempted to reverse her car onto her drive when he shot forward in his vehicle and blocked her path to her drive.

“The defendant then got out of his vehicle and put his hands on Miss Hines’ car whilst shouting obscenities at her.

“When she tried to get out he slammed the door shut on her, causing a dent in the car. He then did let her out of the car before standing nose to nose with her and continued to shout at her.”

Hardy, 37, a HGV driver, denied the charges of a public order offence of behaviour to cause harassment, alarm and distress and criminal damage.

In mitigation, Kevin Liston, said: “Mr Hardy has no previous history of any such offence and did not touch her , raise his hands and says that Miss Hines was equally as offensive and loud as he was.

“The pair have coexisted in the same community ever since without any further incidents.”

Wigan Magistrates placed a restraining order on Hardy, allowing him no contact with Miss Hines and allowing him no access to Salesbury Way.

He was also ordered to pay £614.32 in compensation, £400 court costs and ordered to carry out 100 hours unpaid work.