Plea to support Gambian project


WIGANERS are asked to donate any unwanted computer equipment and unused medication to help people in Gambia.

Kelly and Ian Mills, who run Wigan Council for Voluntary Youth Services (WCVYS) are long time supporters of The Gambia Project, which aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by people in the West African country.

The couple have already taken supplies to the Essau Community Primary School and Basse Hospital but more donations are urgently needed.

Kelly, 37, of Swinley, said: “We went to The Gambia on holiday and when we saw the deprivation, we just wanted to help.

“As we both work for youth services, when we saw the young people out there in such great need, it hit home.

“The hospital in Basse sees more than 300 patients pass through its doors each day.

“Last time we visited we saw a young woman with her two sick children waiting to be treated on a makeshift bed on the floor next to a waste bin.

“It was a heartbreaking sight. They are severely lacking in medication and hygiene equipment, so donations of any medicine are welcome, just so long as it’s in date.

“We are also appealing for unwanted laptops, even if they are broken, and old glasses to give to the school.

“We are trying to raise £950 a year to pay for internet access in schools, plus additional money for parcels to send to hospitals.”

Their next trip out to The Gambia will be on February 4, although their appeal to help this cause is ongoing and items can be donated at any time.

Donations of medical supplies and medicines, computer equipment, school supplies and money, can be taken to the WCVYS base in Penson Street, Swinley.

For more information call WCVYS on 01942 825750 or email