Plenty of fuel says AA

Panic buying petrol at Sainsbury's, Marus Bridge
Panic buying petrol at Sainsbury's, Marus Bridge

WIGANERS are being urged not to panic over petrol.

Drivers across the borough have been warned against “turning a rumour into a crisis” and are urged not to panic-buy fuel because of fears about the effect of any forthcoming tanker drivers’ dispute.

Britain’s biggest motorists organisation the AA says that there is plenty of fuel to go round. While the situation will “only deteriorate” if motorists rush unnecessarily to filling stations, said President Edmund King.

Oil company giant Esso also said motorists should stick to their normal buying patterns.

Mr King said: “If 30 million people suddenly want to fill up 50-litre fuel tanks then you could have a shortage.

“It’s totally inappropriate for people to panic-buy. No strikes have yet been announced and there is enough fuel out there as long as people do not fill up unnecessarily.”

Emergency services have contingency plans in place including AA Patrols.